About us




DaVINCI clinic through italian surgeons offers cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments for face and body. The highest quality of medical products imported from Italy and the modern technologies used in our  surgical or non-surgical procedures will help you achieve excellent, elegant and natural results that will meet your expectations immensely.
The staff of DaVINCI consists of Italian cosmetic surgery doctors and other professionals with great experience in surgical and aesthetic treatments that administer and promote the professionalism of this clinic.
The doctors at the DaVINCI Clinic are specialized in the main universities of cosmetic surgery in Latin America, United States and Europe. Our surgeons are part of many conventions that are developed in Western countries by internationally renowned research organizations, technological innovations and medical studies in the field of cosmetic surgery. Currently, the professionals of the DaVINCI clinic practice their profession in the most famous aesthetic clinics in Italy, England, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Our surgeons have successfully operated hundreds of Albanian patients, their experience and professionalism is already established in Albania. This team of doctors  is part of the surgical team of  DaVINCI Clinic. Our team is dedicated to provide the most effective and current  Western cosmetic surgery standards at a reduced price compared to those of the most famous European clinics, maintaining the same QUALITY STANDARDS.

We offer Professionalism, Guarantee and Privacy for our patients