Anti Pigmentation and Skin Brightening

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) + Dermaheal SB Ampoule

(Anti Pigmentation and Skin Brightening)


PRP Treatment and its Positive Effect on the Face

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a natural product found in the human body. It helps the skin to rejuvenate and gain elasticity as well as to dim the skin lines and wrinkles. PRP is a treatment therapy for the skin to regenerate the tissues, cell differentiation induction, formation of extracellular matrix, and augmentation of collagen production. Every platelet is a biochemical deposit and signalling regulator of growth factors that participate in treatment and regeneration of the tissues in response to lesion.


PRP is a new technique in the derma-aesthetic field but has a long history of being used in more than 30 years in other fields of medicine such as plastic surgery, orthopaedics, stomatology, etc. Plasma injected in the face area aims at its rejuvenation thus providing the patient with a younger and more relaxed look.


PRP therapy at the Da Vinci clinic is combined with other treatments such as Radiofrequency and dermo-cosmetic ampoules of Dermaheal brand that give extraordinary results in skin regeneration, offering the patient the eternal youth.


Face Treatment with Dermaheal SB Ampoules and the Treatment Benefits

Dermaheal SB is a product of the prestigious Canadian company Caregen, a world leader in the field of dermo-cosmetics. Da Vinci clinic is the exclusive representative of this brand in Albania. Among the variety of Caregen products, Dermaheal SB is one of the most efficient in treatment of hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation as well as making your face glow and look younger. Dermaheal SB ampoule improves the skin quality by rejuvenating, refreshing and making it glow. Moreover, this ampoule helps in improving pigmented areas on the face and preventing the formation of new pigmented areas on the skin. Application of this ampoule moisturizes and nourishes the face to improve its revitalization and health.


PRP and Dermaheal SB Ampoules Therapy Combination

To achieve even more satisfactory results combination of PRP treatment with Dermaheal SB Ampoule is the right choice for your face. The combination of PRP and Dermaheal HL ampoule aims at improving the head scalp by moisturizing and nurturing it in depth. As a result you will gain fortified hair roots and new hair growth.


Combination of PRP and Dermaheal SB Ampoule aims at improving the pigmented areas on the face and preventing the pigmentation of new areas by nourishing the skin and making it more elastic and bright.


How is PRP and Dermaheal SD Ampoule combination applied?

Initially a small amount of 30-60 ml of blood from the patient’s body is received and placed in the centrifugal apparatus where the blood components are separated from each other.

After the centrifugation, the platelet rich plasma is mixed with the SB ampoule and then injected in the face area during a procedure that lasts 20-30 minutes. The treatment’s optimal results are achieved in approximately three to four weeks after the application. The medical staff recommends four to five sessions to achieve the best results, taking place in a 30 days time distance.


Advantages of PRP + Dermaheal HL Treatment

This is a non allergic procedure that helps in:

– Improvement of the pigmented skin and prevention of formation of new pigmented areas on the skin;

– Nourishing, moisturizing and brightening of the face;

– Improvement of skin quality;

– Increasing skin elasticity.


Pre PRP + Dermaheal SB Ampoule Treatment Advice

– Do not take Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen or any other non steroid anti-inflammatory medication 10 days before the treatment. These substances upset the platelet function during the normal coagulation process by causing haemorrhage and bruising. If necessary, Paracetamol can be used instead.

– Eat a light meal and hydrate well as a small amount of blood will be taken during the treatment.

– Do not wear make up on the day of the treatment.


Post PRP+Dermaheal SB Ampoule Treatment Advice

– Avoid sauna, hot baths or Jacuzzi and swimming for the first two to three days;

– Stay away from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) for the first two to three days;

– Do not practice heavy physical activity for the first 24 hours after the treatment.

– The majority of patients continue their daily routine immediately after the treatment.

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